Fire Safety For Your Property In Bristol

At South Glos Fire Security we specialise in the installation, maintenance, and upgrading of both addressable and conventional fire alarm systems, adhering strictly to British standards BS 5839. Conventional panels are ideally suited for smaller commercial premises, whereas addressable systems offer a more sophisticated solution, enhancing the ability of customers and firefighters to pinpoint the source of any alarm activation.

While UK fire alarm regulations stipulate that systems must be ‘adequately maintained,’ we go beyond this requirement by recommending adherence to BS 5839 standards, which advocate for inspections by competent personnel at least every six months. For larger premises, we strongly advise quarterly servicing to mitigate potential faults due to the complexity of these systems. Our comprehensive service contracts are tailored to accommodate diverse needs.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that automatic fire detection devices, including smoke and heat detectors, should be replaced every ten years, as per industry recommendations. This applies equally to 230v smoke and heat detectors commonly found in households, which typically require battery replacements every six months. Our team of engineers, all FIA trained, stands ready to provide expert knowledge and advice to ensure optimal fire safety measures are in place.

Fire Extinguisher Supplier In Bristol

Our team of BAFE trained engineers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire are dedicated to providing thorough Fire Extinguisher Servicing and safety inspections for all extinguisher types, including powder, CO2, water, foam, or wet chemical-based units.

We offer comprehensive risk assessments and can provide tailored specifications if additional portable fire equipment is deemed necessary.

Our servicing package includes meticulous checks to ensure:

• Unobstructed and easily accessible fire extinguisher equipment.
• Proper pressure levels within the extinguishers.
• Clear nozzles and other working parts free of obstructions.
• Intact tamper seals and safety pins on the equipment.
• Equipment free from damage or excessive wear.
• Compliance with tags and up-to-date labeling requirements.

Rest assured, our meticulous attention to detail ensures optimal fire safety standards are maintained at all times.

Why Choose South Glos Fire Security?


Our FIA trained engineers provide expert knowledge and advice.

Comprehensive Service Contracts

We offer competitive service contracts to suit various needs, ensuring the ongoing reliability of your fire safety systems.

Local Presence

As a local company, we are truly passionate about keeping Bristol residents safe, and delivering a personal service.

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Perhaps you’re not sure whether your fire alarms need maintenance, or need some assistance choosing the right fire extinguishers for your property, our expert team are here to answer all your questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out!